Care Guide – Sinks and Washstands

We sell stunning stone and reclaimed teak items. Buying our products is an investment in a quality product that will give you many years of beautiful service. Both our stone items and our reclaimed teak washstands are incredibly durable! However like any product in life, there are are a few very simple care and maintenance steps you can take to keep your items looking perfect and in A1 condition for many years to come.


These are Calcerous Stones, composed mainly of calcium carbonate. The main care instruction with these is to avoid anything acidic! To care for these please follow these simple instructions.

Do wipe surfaces clean wherever possible, removing debris or toothpaste scum etc. This isn’t strictly necessary, but just in the same way removing bird debris from your cars paintwork is better the sooner you do it, scraping off a large blob of spilt toothpaste instead of leaving for weeks can only help.

Do use a very mild soap or detergent, ideally a stone detergent. These are very cheap and will last a long time! Wipe with a microfibre cloth in alignment with your usual cleaning schedules.

Do, occasionally use a stone sealer/preserver. These are very cheap, and also very simple to use! Spray on after cleaning, wipe off – a 30 second job every few weeks. This just keeps the surface of the stone sink looking perfect! This is a very similar principle to waxing a cars paintwork, it just nourishes and protects the stones surface and keeps it looking A1.

That is it! The main thing to watch out for is – DO NOT USE ANY ACIDIC BASED CLEANERS ON ANY MARBLE STONE ITEMS. These include vinegar, lemon juice, grout cleaners, tile cleaners, harsh kitchen degreasers, etc.


Natural Stone Sinks offered by The Stone Sink Company are Siliceous Stones, composed mainly from silica or quartz like particles. These are part of the granite group, and are inherently more durable than Marble and Petrified Wood.

The same very simple steps (listed above) are best followed to keep the sinks looking perfect for many many years, however these sinks are resistant to acidic cleaners so the are suitable for a kitchen sink where more abrasive cleaners may come into contact with the stone sink.


All our Washstands are made from solid Reclaimed Teak. Reclaimed Teak is incredibly durable, you can see more about the origins and details of reclaimed teak here

Care of reclaimed teak is very simple. The wood itself is impervious to water and will not damage, so it makes it perfect to be used for a wet environment such as a bathroom!

We would recommend sealing the wood before installation, this is best done with a teak oil. The Stone Sink Company can do this for you! It is very simple, just a case of rubbing the oil on with a cloth or a brush. As it is a first application, you can be very liberal with the application as the wood will absorb the liquid.

When the stand is installed, very simple care instructions can be followed – wiping and flat surfaces off, removing debris and any excess toothpaste spillages etc.

Periodically and depending on use, we recommend re-applying the oil to the exposed surfaces every 3 months or so.

We hope this answers your questions! Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any further questions!